Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!

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With 2023 wrapping up today, I guess now is a good time to dive in and reflect on the events of this (personally) tumultuous year. 🥲 Also, it’s 123123: 12/31/23!

I love a good year-end tarot reading as much as I love the year-ahead ones, but I think there is a lot to be learned when we take a good look back at what we’ve been through. Carrying that wisdom into the next year can sometimes show us how far we’ve come, shed light on lessons learned, or just provide us with a moment to appreciate the journey we’ve been on, for better or worse.

In numerology, 2023 for me was a number 9 year. I definitely felt the energy of 9 as the past few years have culminated in this particular cycle’s ending. I underwent a career change in 2019 (a 5 year: change). This year, I was let go from my job for the second time in the span of 3 years. As for what that means for me in my career, I’m not sure. One thing I can trust is that my personal year number going into 2024 is 1, so some new beginnings are coming into play! I feel optimistic that this is a sort of ‘reset’ and an opportunity to engage in new experiences and opportunities.


So in choosing a spread to reflect on 2023, I went with this one by Francisca Hernandez over at Breathe Connect Thrive. The questions for journaling/tarot can be summed up as follows:

✨1. What’s my current energy?

✨2. How can my focus best serve me?

✨3. What loops need to be closed?

✨4. How can I close the open loops?

✨5. Opportunities that came from this theme?

✨6. What’s the best use of my energy moving forward?

✨7. What’s the guidance from Spirit for me?

I feel like these are great questions to help me figure out what it is I need to release and what I need to take with me into 2024. I’m using one of my favorite decks to give me the insight I need – The Empyrean Tarot Mini by Threads of Fate never fails to tell me what I need to hear (regardless of whether or not I want to hear it!) so I trust in this lovely deck to give it to me straight! Alrighty, let’s get into the reading!


✨1. The Pillar (Empress)

✨2. Conqueror (Knight) of Cups

✨3. 10 of Wands

✨4. Ruler (King) of Daggers (Swords)

✨5. The High Sage (Priestess)

✨6. Seeker (Page) of Cups

✨7. 6 of Cups

To start, my current energy is that of the Empress, here called the Pillar. Nurturing, creative, inspired to give birth to new ideas, ventures, whatever it may be – there is a sense of something coming into existence that I have been working toward or dreaming of. There’s much to be said about this energy, but I definitely get the abundant energy. I am looking forward to 2024 as an abundant new year!

My focus right now is best utilized on finding that inspiration and drive to chase the things I find are beautifying my life. The Conqueror of Cups is the epitome of tapping into the energy of following my heart’s desire. I also feel like there is some caution here for me to not let myself get my head in the clouds – the realm of possibility is a very important factor in making this quest for purpose a reality, but it is saying “Dream big”!

Loops that need to be closed are indeed closing. The 10 of Wands here shows me that I tried to do a lot this year on my own, purely out of refusal to admit when I needed help. This burden I have carried has led to an exhausting journey that may have had fewer bumps and scrapes had I just been open to speaking out more about what it was I needed instead of trying to do it all myself. I just know this is about my current job search and my aversion to networking! I really don’t like having to put myself out there, but I know I need to tap into my professional network to make some progress in the job hunt. Good outlook because it is a 10 – cycles ending and new beginnings on the horizon.

To close the open loops, I need to tap into the Ruler of Daggers and that confident-in-their-wisdom energy when it comes to communicating what it is I need. I also feel like it’s a reminder to revisit what I want in my life, set clear goals, and cut the clutter where I know it doesn’t serve my journey. Mental clarity and resolve in not settling for less than what my aim is set to. I’m also getting the nudge that the message is to get clear on my manifestations! I have a vision board that I need to revisit and really plan out how to take steps to align with what I want.

Opportunities that come from this – getting in touch with my inner wisdom. The High Sage here feels more like a call to stop doubting myself, trust my instincts, and only move forward with people, jobs, and opportunities that truly align with what I want. I do have a habit of accepting things out of fear of lack (applying to jobs that aren’t right for me), people asking for my time and energy on days I don’t really have much to spare, all that jazz! Eldest daughter syndrome, anyone?

The best use of my energy moving forward is that of the Seeker of Cups! More cups, could it possibly get more water sign here? Curiosity, imagination, even a little bit of blind faith – the Seeker reminds me to put myself in a place where I can nurture my joy, interests, and happy little pleasures. I see this card as an indication that by simply doing things that drive my curiosity and learning new ways of existing in the world, I can find my place with all the success and emotional fulfillment that I crave. A job I love doing, perhaps? A project that turns into a smashing success? Who knows!

Lastly, the 6 of Cups here serves as a message from Spirit that comfort and joy are something I can give and receive in return. All is well, and this is a good time to review the accomplishments and highlights from the past year to remind me of how, even though I had my fair share of challenges, I am still in a good place to be able to have a home, food on the table, a healthy family, and all those things that truly matter when looking at the life I am currently privileged to have. It’s the attitude of gratitude and understanding the ephemerality of it all.


Alrighty, that does it for this review of 2023! Again, I am glad the lessons learned here will serve to help me grow in my personal year number 1 for 2024 – I’m hoping for exciting new opportunities and fulfilling work. I have my eye on a job opportunity that I am trying to manifest, so if you’d like to keep me in your thoughts for that, I’d appreciate the good vibes! 😉

Sending you the very best wishes for an abundant and prosperous new year in 2024~! Take care, everyone! ✌🏼💖

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