Why Are There So Many Different Interpretations of Numbers in Numerology?

Excellent question from VidaHow come there are so many interpretations of Numbers in Numerology? Is there any specific “school” you follow? ….Originally posted in the comments on my forum post: Got Questions About Tarot or Numerology? …Ask Dax!

Thanks Vida! ….Yes, it can get a bit confusing. The are many interpretations of Numbers, as well as Tarot Cards! Even within the same “system” of Numerology. This is because there are so many teachers, from many different cultures and backgrounds, putting their “spin” on it!

The “system” I use, in my Tarot by The Numbers™ Course, is classical Pythagorean Numerology, sometimes called “Western Numerology”, created by the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras of Samos, who lived circa 570 to circa 495 BCE.

It is said he traveled extensively, and received instruction from the Egyptian priest Oenuphis, of Heliopolis. The Phoenicians are reputed to have taught Pythagoras arithmetic.

According to legend, Pythagoras was taken captive when the Persian king Cambyses invaded the country of the Nile (525 BCE). He then became a student of the Chaldaeans of Babylon, who taught him Astronomy, and the Magi of Persia. …Yes, THOSE “Magi”…!

In addition to Pythagorean, there is Chaldean Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology, Tamil Numerology, Abracadabra Numerology, Hebrew Numerology, and the list goes on…

There are also many other systems of using Numbers as well, which aren’t actually Numerology, such as Gematria. Gematria is often used as an alternative to Arabic Numerals when recording numbers.

It’s also used as a substitution of numbers for letters of the Hebrew alphabet, a favourite method of exegesis used by medieval Kabbalists to derive mystical insights into sacred writings or obtain new interpretations of the texts, in a form of bibliomancy.

The differences in systems comes from the simple fact they originate from various peoples across the world, with different languages, letters in their alphabet, numbers, and are influenced by that culture and belief systems.

But your question and examples, Vida, seem to be within Western / Pythagorean Numerology, so let’s stick with that. As I said, the different intpretations of the Nine (9) Numbers comes down to individuals putting their “spin” on them, just as with the individual Tarot Cards.

Get 100 Tarotists in a room and you’ll get 100 different ways to look at a card! But if you take a deeper look at them, you’ll see that the bulk of the responses have similarities revolving around a common theme, which is the “essence” of the meaning of the card.

Remember, a lot of this has to do with the individual’s own background. For example, in one of the numerology intepretation examples you presented, it said: “It’s also believed that the number 6 defines completion because the world was also created in six days…”.

This person obviously has a Judeo-Christian background, and is referring to the creation myth found in The Book of Genesis (Bereishit in Hebrew), the first book of the five books making up the Torah (Old Testament for Christians).

However, Pythagorean Numerology pre-dates Christianity by at least 500 to 600 years, and by far longer, if Pythogoras himself learned it from The Magi…

Keep this in mind, and also look to the Numbers themselves, when looking at what people are saying about certain numbers. There are three more Numbers, 7 – 8 – and 9after “6”, so just pure logic tells you that six is not “completion”. Nine (9) is the Number of Endings and Completion.

This example then goes on to associate “6” with Venus. Remember, when you see someone say something like: “This Number represents the planet Venus…….”, that’s their own opinion or system, and probably based on something they were taught, by someone else!

The rest of the examples you gave, just like in my analogy to Tarot cards above, are slightly different, but all fall within a “common theme”, which is the true essence of the Number Six (6). 

Six (6) is a return to Harmony & Balance, after the Changes, and possible Chaos, of the Number Five (5). It’s referred to as The Nuturer, and is about Hearth & HomeLoveFamily., and also Success!

Working the Six-Energy in the positive, it can be Romantic, Supportive, and Protective …but can also be Passive, Self-Sacrificing, and Idealistic. You can make the Choice to work with this Vibration in the positive, to its fullest extent!

As I mentioned, look to the Numbers themselves, to give you clues! …Look at the Number “1”… “One of something”. Singular. That’s why the essence of “1” is “Self”.

It’s also phallic, and thus a masculine Number. It deals with LeadershipConfidenceCompetitiveness, Determination, Self-Reliance, Opportunity, and Beginnings (it’s the first Number).

Look at the Number “2”! The actual number itself has “curves”, it’s considered a feminine number. “Two of something”. The “1” is no longer alone! …It meets “the other”. So relationships are implied, co-operation, emotions, caring, giving, loving, grace, sensitivity and intuition.

Partnerships, the balance of two individuals, teamwork, and so on…

Look at Number “3”… “Three of something”. Now we’re getting a crowd! The two come together and create the third. Think “Mother, Father…. Child”. This is why Three (3) represents Creativity…. and Communication – communicating with multiple people.

Three (3) is therefore associated with performers, radio hosts, TV personalities, actors, musicians, and especially comedians! Think of Card #3 in Tarot, The Empress. She’s often depicted pregnant. It’s the creative process….

By the way, that’s why my course on Tarot (and Numerology) is Tarot by The Numbers™. Tarot “visually” expresses the Numbers, and the Numbers, along with the Five Elements, define the Cards.

Four (4) then represents what was created, manifested, in Three (3). Think of the four legs of a table, or chair, the four walls needed for the simplest structure, the four compass points, and on, and on. Four is Structure… Foundations, and Plans

I don’t have enough “room” here to go into ALL nine Vibrations, but if you work with the Numbers long enough, you will get a sense of their inherent meaning and essence!

I hope this helps you our Vida!

If anyone wants to go deeper, check out my course at: https://thetarotguild.com/learn

Bright Blessings,
~ Dax

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