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In 2020, I experienced two major shifts in my life: I transitioned my career into tech, and I rekindled my love of tarot. I spent time learning to code while using tarot and journaling to help me process the reality of what the world was going through. I found solace in code because of the things I could create with it – the endless possibilities of what I could build and share with the world through the internet, but tarot filled a spot in my life where I had felt lost and isolated.

In the Temperance card, we see the angel with one foot on land and one foot in the water. A balance of the spiritual and the earthly. Code was my land, tarot was my water. 

All of this brings me to today: As a techie-meets-mystic, creations like the online virtual tarot reading platform Moonlight absolutely fascinate me. Moonlight enables users to perform tarot readings right from their browser with a virtual deck. You can see the cards being “shuffled” and placed in their positions on the screen while on camera/mic with up to 6 people in a room. It’s a fun way to connect with others if you do tarot readings, want to practice while learning, or when you are away on business and (tragically!) don’t have your cards on you.

Moonlight features two free-to-use decks, the Waite-Smith and the Marseilles deck, while also featuring a few more optional decks for a $9 USD per year price tag (which does partially go to the deck creators!), as well as a $9 per month Plus Plan where you can unlock things like different background images, the ability to search and filter cards, and notes for your spreads. If you feel like you want to use the service to provide your tarot reading services, there is an application process you can undergo to become a platform-backed reader. Doing this gives you access to a personal profile page and booking services so you can book clients. The platform is still growing, but it already features enough tools to make it a fun tool for tech-loving tarot readers. 

Screenshot of the Moonlight platform's virtual shuffling of the cards.

The tarot readings you can do on the platform basically wind down to virtually “shuffling the cards, moving the cursor over the cards to select and drag them onto the screen or spread positions, and then clicking to reveal the individual cards. You can opt out of reversals as well. There is no AI interpretation, so you are still in the driver’s seat as far as interpreting the messages revealed. The reader is still the reader, and the cards are still the cards, just virtual.

Although Moonlight doesn’t currently harness any AI (from what I can tell), the platform is operating in the realm of technology. Can virtual tarot readings truly be a part of a spiritual practice? Does the sacredness of it all feel diminished because of the incorporation of technology?  I’ve met some folks who are resistant to this evolution, while others are excited about this revolution. 

What are your thoughts? Would you incorporate virtual decks into your tarot practice? Do you feel like it is valid to utilize technology in this way when it comes to spiritual practices?

I personally love using Moonlight as a fun way to give readings to friends online or to do a quick pull when I forget to bring a deck downstairs with me. Of course, nothing beats the feeling of having your cards in hand, infusing each shuffle with intention and energy. Especially when you can choose the deck for the querent based on the deck’s personality.

As for me, you’ll almost certainly never see me without a physical deck in hand when it comes time for my personal practice, but nothing beats getting together with online friends in Moonlight’s virtual reading rooms for a little tarot and spilling of the proverbial tea! 

Screenshot of the Moonlight platform "room" where three tarot cards are displayed.

**Disclaimer** I am not an affiliate, nor am I advertising on behalf of Moonlight. This article was written simply out of appreciation for the platform and to share it with those interested!

About the author: Ellie the Moonchild Verified Member Psychic Talk Host Certified Tarot Reader
Hello, world! I'm a tarot reader and deck collector based in San Diego, California. I'm a front end web developer by day, card reader any other waking moment. I also do deck reviews and post everything tarot & oracle over on my socials. If you'd like to book a reading, visit my online shop. ✨🦀✨

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