Anxiety, Depression, and The Five of Cups…

On our Facebook Group, Courtney asked: Hi, I asked if my anxiety and depression would get better soon this card always shows up in readings for myself. I don’t fully understand this card… can someone please explain it? Please and thank you… 😀

I responded in the Comments:

We literally call this the “Crying over spilt milk” card! The individual is focused on the three Cups that have been knocked over – spilled their contents. 😔 He/She mourns over the loss 😫, not paying attention to, nor even noticing, the two upright Cups, still full with their contents, right behind him… 😀

This is symbolic of having one’s focus on the negative; usually losses, failures and disappointments… rather than the possibilities, opportunities and potential available to them….. 🎉😎💜

In the Waite/Smith (RWS) deck version of the card, a river passes before him (“The River of Life”), with a nearby bridge, and a castle or home on the other bank, representing foundation, security, and prosperity…

The message is to metaphorically “build a bridge”! …to “get over it” (cross the bridge). Recognize that Life is a series of cycles, with “ups” and “downs”.

The trick is to acknowledge any failures or loss, learn from them, and then swiftly Re-Focus on the potential and opportunities that are always there… always available to us ….in any situation! 🤠 😃 💜

Focus on what “You Want” to be experiencing in your Life! Write these down. Pull cards on them – What do you need to know now to progress to your goal(s)? Create a daily ritual, where you spend 10 minutes re-reading and adding to your “list”, perhaps right after you wake, before sleep, or both! 😉☕️

…Then draw a Card to represent what it is you want to experience. Close your eyes and imagine you are experiencing that right now. Use all five senses. What does it feel like, look like, smell like, sounds like, even taste like?

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Bright Blessings,
~ Dax. ☕️ 💜 😎

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