The Tortoise and The Hare!

Another excellent question from Tarot Vida, on our Facebook Group… 

Vida posted: What is he resting his foot on??? Lots of different google answers…

It can be challenging finding accurate information on the internet, for sure! 😉 

I told Vida…  😎 💜  It’s nice to see you are paying such close attention to detail. Many just memorize keywords and don’t take the time to really examine the images. Yes, it’s not clear in Pamela’s image “what” it is that the King of Pents has his foot on, which has sparked a lot of wild speculation over the years….

You will find ALL kinds of ideas 💡 across the internet and in books. Most of us feel it’s some kind of animal. Some have suggested a wild boar, other a bull’s head, with the horns removed, showing the King has full mastery over the material realm.

To me, it looks more like a wild boar…. and many have suggested that it is actually a stone depiction, and not even a real animal. But one of my favorite “ideas” is that it is a “tortoise”!! 💜 ☕️

This idea has been going around now for at least 25-30 years, and makes the MOST sense to me. It is in stark contrast to the RABBIT, on the Queen of Pentacles, which also makes for a nice duality (“The Tortoise and The Hare”), which is often what is going on in The Tarot…. 

Remember, before he was “King”, he was the Knight of Pentacles! He has gotten to the position he is in now by slow, methodical, steady progress! …Just like the tortoise, as well as the Knight.

Also, notice what his foot on the tortoise reveals! ….Under all his finery, he still has on his armor! …..He is enjoying his wealth and success, but he is still “prepared”, and hasn’t lost sight of how he got there! ☕️ 😎 💜

Vida inquired about my response: wow…I’ve never heard of or seen how the page and knight are also the King???

….Yes, it’s just another way of looking at the progression of the court cards. It makes a lot of sense. You can see how all of the cards are interconnected.

….but, like everything in Tarot, it’s “what works for you” – If you find it useful, great – if not, disregard. It’s just like “what’s the King’s foot on?” ….There’s no right or wrong answer here, as well can’t “ask” Pamela Colman Smith or A.E. Waite about it! So, what resonates with you? ❤

Bright Blessings,
~ Dax

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