Tarot Music from Réjean Paquin!

Video & Audio versions as well as ALL 22 individual tracks as .mp3s can be found below :

The Album “Tarot”, by Canadian composer Réjean Paquin, came out in 2006, near the Founding of The Tarot Guild (2004). We were thrilled to find Tarot-inspired music! It’s like a roller coaster ride through The Major Arcana, with a track for each of the Cards (22)! We have even used a sample of The Fool track as our intro and outro music, for our Tarot Today LIVE shows!

Réjean has written music for musicals and rock operas, as well as numerous soundtracks for film, documentaries, commercials, and multimedia in Canada and abroad. Réjean studied musical composition at the Conservatory of Music in Hull, and he specialized in New Age, Electronic, Ambient, and Dramatic styles. 

Sadly, we lost Réjean in March of 2023. Before he passed though, he decided to make the “Tarot” album available to everyone, FREE of charge! In addition, one can use the music royalty-free for personal and commercial use in exchange for credit!

Listen to the full album or individual audio tracks below… Download them by clicking the three dots

Full Tarot Album MP3
Track 1 – The Fool MP3
Track 2 – The Magician MP3
Track 3 – The High Priestess MP3
Track 4 – The Empress MP3
Track 5 – The Emperor MP3
Track 6 – The Hierophant MP3
Track 7 – The Lovers MP3
Track 8 – The Chariot MP3
Track 9 – The Strength MP3
Track 10- The Hermit MP3
Track 11 – The Wheel of Fortune MP3
Track 12 – The Justice MP3
Track 13 – The Hanged Man MP3
Track 14 – Death MP3
Track 15 – Temperance MP3
Track 16 – The Devil MP3
Track 17 – The Tower MP3
Track 18 – The Star MP3
Track 19 – The Moon MP3
Track 20 – The Sun MP3
Track 21 – Judgement MP3
Track 22 – The World MP3
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@peepso_user_49(Lynda Rosemarie Stevens)
I've been listening to a few snippets of it. It's grest know that Amy of the tracks could be used on You Tube!

The music reminds me somewhat of Enigma. But I'll give it a bit more of a listen.

There is another album based on Tarot called Voyage of the Acolyte, by Steve Hackett, somewhat further back in the lists of time. I recommend that too!
@peepso_user_1(Dax Carlisle)
@peepso_user_49(Lynda Rosemarie Stevens) ...KOOL Lynda! Thanks for the suggestion. 🥰 I like most of the tracks, especially The High Priestess and The Fool ...They really have the "feel" of Tarot. Hard to put into words. When I first discovered it, we were about to launch "Tarot Today Radio" and "The Fool" track really "fit" as intro/outro music for the show! 🎙️☕️😃
@peepso_user_49(Lynda Rosemarie Stevens)
I havn't heard the Fool intro, I thought the StR sounded quite good. I definitely recommend Voyage of the Acolyte too though