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Maria G. Maas here, your host at The Angelic View Show. I’m delighted to welcome you to our ongoing season, where we dive even deeper into the mystical world of angels to guide you toward your best life. Joining me this season is the incredible Dax Carlisle, Creator and Founder of Psychic Cafe, as my guest cohost.

We’re both thrilled to be co-founders of the International Association of Angel Practitioners (IAAP), an organization dedicated to spreading the wisdom of angelic guidance. Together, we are here to open up the lines, take your calls, and provide FREE mini-readings supported by our sponsors – the IAAP and the Tarot Guild.

If you’re new to The Angelic View Show, a warm welcome to you! Our mission is to help you connect with angels and use their guidance to live a more fulfilling life. Whether you seek insight into love, career, or any other aspect of your life, we are here to serve as your spiritual guides.

This season continues to be exceptional as Dax Carlisle, and I are delving into open lines and creating a space for you to connect with us and each other. We go live on our YouTube channel, offering an interactive experience with live chat, real-time Q & A, and the chance to receive a FREE mini-reading – all aimed at helping you navigate your spiritual journey.

Additionally, we are simulcasting via Blog Talk Radio (BTR), allowing you to listen to the show via BTR or watch the show on YouTube. If you’d like a FREE mini reading or angel message during the show, simply call us at 714-816-4628. It’s your opportunity to receive personalized insights and guidance during our live broadcast.

Throughout the show, we explore a myriad of topics, from Talkin’ Tarot and Oracle Cards to discussions on Archangels, Spirit Guides, and the intricacies of Divine Timing. This season is about exploring the mystical and finding practical ways to apply these insights to enhance your everyday life. 

What makes The Angelic View Show truly special is your active participation. 

Have burning questions about angels, tarot, or Divine guidance? 

We want to hear them! 

Call in during our live sessions, share your experiences, and let us guide you on this incredible journey. If you are too shy to call, or you don’t have the privacy where you are to speak on the phone, you can type your question in the chat room on our YouTube channel. 

We are grateful for your continued support as co-founders of the IAAP and proud sponsors of the show along with the Tarot Guild, of which Dax is the Founder. The IAAP and the Tarot Guild are valuable resources for those seeking angelic wisdom and tarot insights. You can explore more at AngelPractitioners.com and TheTarotGuild.com.

The Angelic View airs 1st and 3rd Sundays LIVE at 2 PM Eastern. So keep an eye on your calendars, set reminders, and join us for the next episode of The Angelic View Show. 

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Let’s connect, share, and explore the Divine together. Your angels are ready to speak – are you ready to listen?

With love and angel blessings,

Maria G. Maas Host, The Angelic View Show

About the author: Maria Maas Verified Member Psychic Talk Host Certified Master Advisor - psychic advisor/medium/life coach/spiritual coach/channel/angel practitioner Certified Tarot Master Certified Advisor - psychic advisor/medium/life coach/spiritual coach/channel/angel practitioner Certified Tarot Reader

Maria G. Maas is a natural-born psychic, professional educator, radio host, author, and cat mama. With a deep passion for working with angels, she is dedicated to sharing their wisdom and guidance to help people, animals, and the planet.

As the co-founder and president of AngelPractitioners.com and the International Association of Angel Practitioners (IAAP), Maria is a dedicated professional in the field of angelic practice. She has created two certificate courses for the IAAP, which hundreds of students have completed. Her book, ANGEL PRACTITIONER HANDBOOK: A Foundation Guide, is a comprehensive guide for those interested in learning about working with angels.

Maria is a Certified Tarot Master and Master Angel Practitioner, demonstrating her expertise in both fields. She has been the host of live radio shows and podcasts since 2012. Her current radio show is titled The Angelic View. She is also the author of The Angelic View Oracle Cards, which includes a companion guidebook and journal, and is featured on her radio show.

Maria has a wealth of knowledge and experience, making her a trusted guide for those seeking to deepen their understanding and connection with the angelic realm and tarot. She is dedicated to educating and supporting spiritual entrepreneurs around the globe and continues to share her wisdom with her listeners and readers.

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