Get out of your head and move into your heart!

Hello beautiful souls!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

So I was going about my day today, doing some journaling, speaking with a few people and taking care of kids and the Archangels showed up for me to share this message.

How is it that you are needing to get out of your own head and step into what it is that you are feeling in your heart?

Last week I was given an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.

I knew this is what I have been shown I need to do for some time, but I did not feel I was ready.

I was in my head when my heart and with it my soul was telling me that this is what I needed to do to level up, to grow and to help even more people I needed to help.

And, after talking with our exec producer for my radio show and him sharing with me his plans and with what was going on with the show’s platform, everything was aligning for me to take the leap…the Divine’s way of telling me it was time…so I said yes!

So yesterday, some of you may know that I went live on Youtube.

Yes it was scary! Yes it did not go as I had planned, but I showed up…I SHOWED UP!

Why is that important?

Because I showed up, and took action on what it is that I needed to do, everything else fell into place.

Yes, things did not go as planned, but things happened as it should…

I am going to repeat that again…things did not go as planned, but things happened as it should!

So why is that important?

Our plans, are finite…there is only so much that we can think of


When we give it up to the Divine, there are things they can make happen that we may have ever thought of as well as bring to us the lessons behind what happens.

Did you get that?

Yesterday, when I went live, yes I got into my head a bit especially when things didn’t go the way I had hoped, but in this happening, I was shown that I can do this…I can still take calls and give those messages that are meant for each of them, even though things seemed chaotic on my end…that I could refocus on what it is that I was there to do. I also was reminded that I was not alone in this…I had people behind the scenes (not just my angels, guides and Archangels) to help me through…I had to be open and I had to be ready.

Yes I didn’t look the way I wanted to look, things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, but the lessons I had learned through this process, is helping me to grow and become even stronger in what I can do.

So how are you being shown to get out of your own head today?

How are you being shown to trust in the process? Trust in your angels and guides to help you? To trust in those around you and take action on what you know you need to do?

Overthinking = Being in your own head

When we overthink and yes I am one of those people…I have a tend to overthink things and when we do, it can keep you from taking action on what it is that you need to take action on.

When we overthink, you can talk yourself out of doing those things you are needing to do…which leads to procrastination and other times just deciding not to do it because it seems hard. Those are the fears that are telling you that you don’t need to go out of your comfort zone.

If you truly want to grow, if you want to truly move forward in your goals, all that you want to achieve, we need to get out of our own head and move into your heart!

Take action on those things that are being shown to you, that you know within your heart that you are needing to do.

So are you ready?

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖

And as always, if you are needing help in this area, please reach out!

About the author: Catharine Han Verified Member Psychic Talk Host Certified Master Advisor - psychic advisor/medium/life coach/spiritual coach/channel/angel practitioner Certified Advisor - psychic advisor/medium/life coach/spiritual coach/channel/angel practitioner

I am a Spiritual Channel helping you to heal and let go of limiting beliefs so that you can be fully be who you were meant to be and live a life of joy and happiness that is meant for you.

I am also a mother of 3 amazing intuitive and empathic boys and a in Wisconsin.

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