THIS, is the TRUE POWER of Divination.

As high achievers, we should feel like our business is nourishing, instead of you feeling like your business is one more thing to take care of.

It’s impossible to feel the joy in our life’s work when we’re working outside our zone of genius.

Being in flow is what life’s all about and is truly the healthiest way to live.

I believe that stagnation is a slow death. Stagnation is different than being present and still. Stagnation is when there is little to no fresh flowing energy and this is when disease comes. Nature most often shakes it all up and helps let things flow again. Even when the ground feels shaky at first when the shake-up happens, it always inevitably settles again, into a new flow. A new dynamic. A new energy.

Turning up the dial with your guides

I used to consider Tarot cards as mere novelty items until I delved deeper into quantum mechanics and embarked on my spiritual journey.

DELIGHTED AF, as my guides called me back into my mediumship, I found stark similarities between Tarot and Oracle Divination practices and quantum energetics and healing through conversational hypnosis.

EVERYTHING CLICKED and it made me realize how DIVINATION creates a creative, fun, inspirational but DEEP means of integrating the nervous system and the energy field – to create resonance that releases and heals what no longer serves us.

You might be wondering, “How?”

Well, I answer with another question.

Have you ever had a painful memory that just won’t go away?

Conversational hypnosis and tarot visionary journeys can help release negative emotions and shift the resonance and it’s vibrational (high or low) tonality.

When we go through something traumatic, our brains can get stuck in a loop, reliving the event over and over again.

This can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions that are hard to shake.

With the principles of quantum mechanics and tarot readings, hypnotists can help you explore potential outcomes and possibilities associated with the memory.

This helps you gain access to unconscious moments, gain new perspectives over the emotions and release the negative feelings associated with the memory.


By collapsing the memory wave field, we free up your emotional body and remove any blocks or barriers that may be preventing you from fully experiencing your emotions.


In quantum energetics, a system’s outcome is unknown until observed or measured.

Similarly, in a Tarot card reading, you are clueless about which card will appear. It’s this inherent uncertainty in both that bridges the “form” we perceive and the “formless” pure potential beyond our comprehension.

By using the principles of quantum mechanics and tarot readings in conversational hypnosis, hypnotists can help clients explore potential outcomes and possibilities associated with the memory. This can develop a greater sense of control and agency over emotions, releasing negative feelings and allowing clients to move forward in a positive way.

The act of focusing on a memory that arises through tarot visualization – we can help ourselves, and our clients free up the emotional body and remove any blocks or barriers that may be preventing clients from fully experiencing their emotions.

Evoking a sense of peace, calm, self-awareness, and empowerment.

Consider cards as symbols of potential outcomes, open for interpretation.

Just like a quantum particle’s state isn’t determined until observed, a Tarot card’s meaning isn’t clear until drawn and interpreted.

It’s like “collapsing the wave function” and making the potential the cards represent more tangible.

The Somatic Holographic Memory stored in the field looses it’s charge by being observed, felt and witness, so that it can free up the circuit of life and vitality.

THIS, is the TRUE POWER of Divination.

The modality? That’s unique to each reader and medium

For ME? It’s intuitie, and in the moment as being a vessel so source can flow through me.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and quantum biofeedback practitioner, I use conversational hypnosis and energetics to shift the field for healing, inspiration and hope for all to see the lit path that brings us forward by acting on our sovereign power already within.



I’m SO excited!

I’ll soon be offering Quantum Solutions and sharing with other practitioners, so they can do the same.

It’s time to level up to the GOLDEN AQUARIAN AGE and let go of fixing ourselves and truly igniting what lights us up.

Option 1:
Leela Technology Bloc Readings for the collective via quantum entanglement.

Quantum Biofeedback Divination Readings through voice and sound healing that will tap into the energy of each card and feedback loops back to the client to harmonize the field for healing and balance.

Not sold yet? Allow me to share a simple example……

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.

When present, the Quantum Zeno Effect creates a perfect example relating to visualization and healing (or dis-harmony).

It refers to the fact that merely observing atomic particles of energy changes their behavior.

The more you observe, the more feedback loops and distillation of the density of the memory (good or bad) will dominate your energetic field and therefore, move into the third dimensional reality of dis-ease.

This is why it’s stated…where your focus goes, your energy flows.

Evidence-based practices based on the quantum mind-heart-body connection for healing allows us to have a multidimensional view of the WHOLE so we better understand the holographic and internal systems that contribute to optimal mental and physical vitality, providing immediate insights on how to measure, tune  and treat the quantum biofield.

Join the shared awakening to transmute disruptive energies and emotions, in order to become an empowered, intentional co-creator of your life.

About the author: Kassandra kuehl

HI! I’m Kassandra… I help driven but overwhelmed high achievers get clear on their inner genius by discovering their natural energetic blueprint, so they can fuel their flow with the natural cycles of creation, business and the elements that run the universe.
I developed a very close relationship with my Guides and Loved Ones on the other side of the veil 💕 I read with intuition, energy given from the cards, channeling messages from a higher power, vision and pictures

Ultimately, helping YOU fall in Love with Your Life & Business again without FOMO, shiny objects, coach n’ course hopping, or hustling harder headaches.

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