Tarot – Coming May 3rd!

Releases May 5, 2024

When a group of friends recklessly violates the sacred rule of Tarot readings – never use someone else’s deck – they unknowingly unleash an unspeakable evil trapped within the cursed cards. One by one, they come face to face with fate and end up in a race against death to escape the future foretold in their readings.

Visit the movie site: https://www.tarotmovie.com

Written and Directed by: Spenser Cohen & Anna Halberg

Produced by: Leslie Morgenstein Elysa Koplovitz Dutton Scott Glassgold

Executive Producers: Andrew Pfeffer Scott Strauss Anna Halberg Spenser Cohen

Cast: Harriet Slater Adain Bradley Avantika ​Wolfgang Novogratz ​​Humberly González ​​Larsen Thompson and Jacob Batalon

About the author: Dax Carlisle Verified Member Psychic Talk Host Certified Master Advisor - psychic advisor/medium/life coach/spiritual coach/channel/angel practitioner Certified Tarot Master Certified Advisor - psychic advisor/medium/life coach/spiritual coach/channel/angel practitioner Certified Tarot Reader
I am the Founder of The Tarot Guild, Executive Producer of "Psychic Talk Radio", and a Certified Tarot Master, Life Coach, Numerologist, and Hypnotherapist. I have been broadcasting on radio, podcasts, and YouTube Lives for 14 years now. I am also a U.S. Air Force Veteran, and Member of The D.A.V. as well as The American Legion, a confessed Java Junkie and Karaoke singer...

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@peepso_user_42(Shenlei Winkler, PhD)
The "sacred rule of Tarot"? I must have missed that one along the way. Well, this is a movie I'll skip, for sure 🙂
@peepso_user_3(Maria Maas)
@peepso_user_42(Shenlei Winkler, PhD) me too!
2 weeks ago
@peepso_user_1(Dax Carlisle)
🤣 I must have missed that - "sacred rule of Tarot"? I'll definitely be catching this movie though. Anything with "Tarot" in it. It's been amazing how many movies and TV shows I've caught Tarot in. 🍿 🎥 Of course, it's not to be taken seriously. It's just popcorn and frights fun! Certainly it won't have much correct about Tarot, but that's not the point. It's a "movie" LOL 😅 It's just for fun, BUT any promotion of "Tarot" is good promotion! "Just spell the name right!" ...LOL 😂
2 weeks ago
@peepso_user_42(Shenlei Winkler, PhD)
@peepso_user_3(Maria Maas) You're not wrong. I've never personally experienced anything other than acceptance and curiosity about my reading, but I could see that going the other way entirely.

However, on a happier thought, tarot has been around for hundreds of years and even with the very best (worst?) efforts from the Pope/Catholic Church all that ever happened were the cards being made a little more titillating and attractive because of the intense opposition of Renaissance Xtianity.

Still..."Sacred rule of tarot"....def made me roll my eyes.
@Dax, you'll need to report back on just how BAD this movie is. I'm thinking obvious "monster-bait sorority girls backing down the dark alley backwards with their cell phones on dead", bad. 🙂
@peepso_user_3(Maria Maas)
@peepso_user_42(Shenlei Winkler, PhD) yes. I’ve never liked those types of movies. I like spooky movies, but not horror flicks.
@peepso_user_1(Dax Carlisle)
@peepso_user_3(Maria Maas) ..Yes, I am not sure which it will be - more horror or spooky ....I like both lol 😆 So I can check it out, and report back, so no one else has too LOL 😂
@peepso_user_1(Dax Carlisle)
@peepso_user_42(Shenlei Winkler, PhD) ...That's the beauty of it; whether it's good or BAD, I can report back on it ! ...LOL 😅 ....I want to see if they "get anything correct" about Tarot. Probably not, but it's worth finding out.... I can see it, and that way I can report back, so you all don't have too...... 🤣
@peepso_user_42(Shenlei Winkler, PhD)
@peepso_user_1(Dax Carlisle) So nice of you to make this sacrifice for us :P
1 week ago