The Emperor Trust and Learn

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk about the Emperor today. Card #4 from the very stunning Arcanum Tarot deck, by Renata Lechner that I drew this morning.

The Emperor is such an amazing figure. He is watching over what is his, he is displaying power, authority, and readiness to protect what is his. However, look deeper, the bird waits, trusting that the Emperor has control. Look closer into his eyes. He does what he must for love. Love of family, friends, community. There is more to the Emperor still. He teaches others, he imparts his knowledge to those who are willing to listen to him. He wants to pass on what he can share with everyone who wants to learn and grow.

He also knows that to be a good leader, one must also be a good server. He has the experience to be able to share. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and work side by side with his people. He knows that the best way for some to learn is be shown by someone who knows.

Its ok to talk to, share with, go to, someone who is a father figure, an authority figure. That will be the one you can trust and can go to for moral support, or advice, or to learn something new.

So today. Trust someone and learn something new.

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