Oh me of little faith

Hello everyone,

I hope this finds you all settling back into your routines and writing 2024 instead of 2023 .
What a day I have had. I started to draw a card from my Wheel of the Year Tarot deck. I briefly glanced at the card. It was the 2 of Wanda. Wouldn’t you know it, life happens at full speed. I think I got too comfortable over the holiday break. So here I am running around in circles, I tossed my card back into deck and made my way into the day.

Not once did I get to really think on my card. Between working on my reading room and the hose and running errands and oh my goodness the list goes on, you know how it goes right? Yep that’s how it went for me.
But all in all it was a good day full of progress. My sister even got to come help and hang out. It was a busy yet productive day.

Now get to kick back in my comfy chair and be surrounded by my fur babies and look at my card from today. Here’s where my little faith came in. This morning I was irritated about the interruptions. I was annoyed. But ok whatever gotta do what I gotta do, and I was feeling like I’ll just throw the card back cause I don’t have time so whatever.

Ok Michelle. That was so the wrong attitude . I’m so glad I did not carry that attitude around all day, and let it go right away. But I forgot about the card too. So now I’m looking at it and it’s ok that I only had a moment with my cards, at least I got that time with them , with spirit, with energy, with myself, right? Right! And the card was so accurate. 2 for partnerships, which I had to help with my projects all day long and wands for action, which believe me that was my day. And I had a fun day along the way.

So the point is sometimes you just need an encouraging word, an encouraging glance. And while you are about your days, be that encouragement for somebody else as well, you may just make somebody’s day.


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