The Tarot Cross of Manifestation…

This came to me while meditating on The Tarot, in the late 90’s – early 2000’s …That the First Card of each Suit, The #1 Cards, formed a sort of “Code”, laying out the steps to manifestation!

This intrigued me, as we all know that The Tarot was being used primarily to “Predict” The Future! Yet here, codified in the very beginning of the Deck, are the instructions on how to Create It…! 

I envisioned a cross-layout with The Magician Card surrounded by the Four Ace Cards, revealing the Steps of Manifestation. This could be used as a “lay”, to “cast” a manifestation, and/or as a “spread” to ask The Tarot about the various steps, look for blocks, and get assistance…

Scroll Down to the Bottom to See The Cross Layout…

Only a little while later, March 23rd, 2006, the movie “The Secret” came out. The Law of Attraction was suddenly all the rage! The cast of “The Secret”, including Rhonda Byrne, the Executive Producer, appeared multiple times on “Oprah”, with only a week or so between appearances …which had never happened before!

I realized that the Steps were not fully fleshed out in the movie, especially the final step, represented by The Ace of Pentacles (coins). I discussed this in a LOA Group I created, in San Diego, CA., and used the “Cross of Manifestation” as a visual aid. As well as in our Tarot Guild Meetups in San Diego.

Is this The Real “Secret”?
That The Tarot was created as a “tool” to CREATE one’s future…
….not to PREDICT it?

Be sure to check out the episode when Sharonah Rapseik had me as her Guest, on her “Magic Universe” show, and we discussed “Tarot Magic” and “The Cross”:


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@peepso_user_33(Nikolaos Diamantis)
Interesting post Dax, It is a smart idea for a workshop like the 5card Y/N.
@peepso_user_1(Dax Carlisle)
@peepso_user_33(NikolaosDiamantis) ...Oh yes! We've done workshop on it multiple times over the years... I'll have to do another one... 👍 🥰
2 months ago