Year of The Dragon! 🐉🐲 Happy Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year begins today, Saturday, February 10th, 2024. This is the Year of The Dragon (Wood), and as such is my year! I was born in the Year of the Wood Dragon, 1964!

Dragon years can best be described as focused and driven—just like those of us born under this Chinese zodiac sign. These folks are lucky, and we know it. Their personalities are infused with confidence, and they have no problem being assertive and taking on leadership roles.

They also have a wild streak and enjoy a raucous good time. Dragons are apt to put the power into a power ballad at karaoke (so me), and at work, they’re the ones who make a game out of who can finish first (with a kooky prize to inspire everyone).

Famous Dragons include Sandra Bullock, Courtney Cox and Emma Stone—and they exemplify the dragon personality with their energy, charisma and spontaneous humor!

It’s interesting to note that the Dragon is the only one of the 12 signs that is based on an imaginary animal. No wonder we Dragons are so charismatic and larger than life—they are truly fabulous creatures of fantasy!

One problem? With all this bluster, they can also be a little hot-headed and arrogant at times. They do well to surround themselves with close friends who will be straight up with them, rather than yes men.

About the author: Dax Carlisle Verified Member Psychic Talk Host Certified Master Advisor - psychic advisor/medium/life coach/spiritual coach/channel/angel practitioner Certified Tarot Master
Dax is the Founder of The Tarot Guild, Executive Producer of the "Psychic Talk Network", and a Certified Tarot Master, Life Coach, Numerologist, and Hypnotherapist. Dax is now in his 15 year of broadcasting, podcasting, and creating on YouTube. He is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, and Member of The D.A.V. as well as The American Legion, a confessed Java Junkie and Karaoke singer...

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